BETA 035 RELEASED 29th Sept 2011

View release information here:

I appreciate the frequency and quality of beta releases. Your software team has obviously embraced the spirit of Agile development, and that makes me (a software engineer for 22 years now) smile. I fell in love with Scrivener on Mac, but I had to switch to Windows. Scrivener was the only application that I was going to regret giving up. Fortunately for me, you started the BETA releases right at the time I was switching OS’es.

I have one request: Please extend the expiration of BETA 035 until the first of December. Alternatively, please release BETA 036 (or version 1.0) prior to November 1st. November is NaNoWriMo, and, while all of your BETA releases have been very stable, I fear changing versions in the middle of my 50K words.

Thanks for considering this request! And, more importantly, thanks for producing such an excellent writer’s tool!!

Windows 1.0 is released on October 31st - ie it’s coming out of beta!

Hooray!!! That is fantastic news! This is just one more thing to look forward to on November 1st. :wink:

Is this news official. unless I am going mad I cant see where it says that.

Yes. It’s been mentioned in a couple of posts by L&L staffers.

Yes, 1.0 will be released just in time for NaNoWriMo, and there will also be a special NaNoWriMo trial, just as for the Mac version, which will last until December 7th instead of the usual 30 days of use.

Thank You I must start saving then no more frivolous CD purchases. Have we a price yet or is it the same as mentioned before.

Same as it’s been listed since the beginning: Windows 1.0 will be $40 regularly and $35 for students. There’s a winner’s discount for NaNoWriMo participants this year (applicable to the $40 price) and also last year’s NaNoWriMo winner’s discount will be useable through the end of this year for those who’ve been holding onto that patiently.