BETA 035: Runtime Error when downloading German dictionary

Hi, I’ve struggled all morning with a known error that seems not to have been fixed in the new Beta version. It occurs as soon as I download the German dictionary. The program won’t work anymore at all, won’t even open, I only get the error message.

Been through the whole procedure twice. Uninstalling Beta 035, re-booting Windows, re-installing Beta 035, downloading the German dictionary… doesn’t work. So for now I simply won’t try to download the German dictionary anymore and everything should be fine. Thought you should know though.


Thanks for the report, GeeGee, though I’m sorry you’re having this issue! Someone else just reported it as well, so I’m passing it all on to Lee. After the crash, try checking the Aspell directory inside the Scrivener directory (in Program Files or wherever you’ve installed to) to see if the dictionary did get downloaded–in previous betas with this crash, it did often download correctly, but then the crash and runtime issues following prevented Scrivener from opening again. If the dictionary is there, though, you should be able to copy that file out of the directory, delete the Scrivener directory and do the reinstall, and then put the dictionary file back into the Aspell directory and have the dictionary available.

Obviously that’s just a workaround while we continue to sort out this issue. What version of Windows are you running, and are you working from a standard or admin account (and did you install Scrivener as standard or admin)?

Hi MM, thanks for your easily to follow reply. Did everything you suggested, won’t work. Let me go step by step.

I work with Microsoft Windows XP, Home Edtion 2002, Service Pack 3. I have a standard account and have installed the standard version.

The German dictionary files download, as you said, so I’ve stored them somewhere else, then uninstalled the Beta version 035, reinstalled it and put the files back into the Aspell directory where I’d found them. The result was that the program would open but then crash. No error message, everything just freezes, no way in.

I’ve deleted the German dictionary files, hoping that would be a shortcut to getting the program working again, but it didn’t. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled everything once more and now it works just fine.

So I guess I’ll just kiss the German dictionary good-bye until this thing is fixed. :wink: