Beta 046, 049 Crashing on Vista Laptop

I have been using Beta Scriveners since last year.
I counted myself lucky not to have major issues.
Until now.
I have upgraded to 049 on my desktop under windows 7, all is fine.

However, my laptop runs under Vista and was running beta 035 just fine, no problems.
I uninstalled 035 and did a clean install of Scrivener 046 and then a clean install of 049.
Now Scrivener does not work.

I open my project file and it loads as it should but from then on nothing works. Any action of mouse or otherwise causes Scrivener to freeze and go into a not responding state with the little circle going on for an extended time. When the little busy circle stops, any action causes it to return and Scrivener stops responding.

Even Task Manager will not come up to end Scrivener. I have to power off the laptop to get things going again.

My vista is up-to-date and I have had no problems with Scrivener until doing a clean install of 046 and after that, a clean install of 049. Both of them freeze on any action after loading the project file.

I went back to a clean install of 035. It works perfectly.

I was looking forward to buying the release version but now I am concerned about it.

Would it be possible to zip the project folder in question and send that to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so we can test this out and figure out what’s not working right? A sample project would definitely be the fastest way to reproduce this. All contents of course will be confidential and the project will be deleted as soon as Lee’s been able to see what’s going on. Thank you!

Jennifer I have sent a zip file as you requested.

When I un-installed 049 and went back to 035 everything worked perfectly as before.

To do the zip file, I removed 035 and installed a new download of 049 and installed it with the same non-responding results. If I load one of my other projects the same thing happens.

Though it is disconcerting, I am sure the team will find a solution.

I really like Scrivener and have numerous projects on the go. I only work on one at a time when using Scrivener on the laptop.

Thank you.

Thanks very much for sending the project; I’ll take a look at it later today.