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I read on the NaNoWriMo forums that the nanowrimo offers page has been updated with vers. 49, and to clear cache… but I’ve tried clearing my cache on Chrome, which I normally use, tried downloading on IE, which I never use, and still the only NaNo trial version I can get is 46. I have updated it to 49 but I’m not sure if this means I won’t be able to use until Dec. 7th since it isn’t the nano version… Any help would be appreciated:)

The NaNo version went from 045 to 046. Apologies for the misnumbering (I’m pretty sure that was my fault over there. :blush:) You can re-download the NaNo trial 046 and install that to get the expiration date of Dec 7th, or you can download the 1.0 trial now, which will give you 30 days of use, ergo also taking you through to December even if you’re using it every day. If you try out 1.0, uninstall your existing versions first. (Your projects won’t be touched, but it’s of course a good idea to make a backup of them anyway, which you can do with File > Backup. Your preference settings–toolbar customizations and settings in Options–will be cleared so you can start with a clean slate for 1.0, but your custom project templates, personal word list, and saved compile settings will all be untouched.)