MM–has that update been put up yet? No posting about it that I have seen…

I’ve been sadly away from Scrivener because of my own development projects of DOOM, but I was lured back with whispers of release dates and updates :laughing:

Went to install the latest version and I just wanted to say “Wow” and “Kudos!” Lee and team, you all have done a really awesome job.

Check the NaNoWriMo section of the forums.

Here you go

I deleted the first NaNo version and installed the new one and it now says in the contral panel that it is version 046, before the one was 045. So, it seems there was an update :smiley:

Thanks for that very helpful post, StaceyUK. I was looking in this forum specifically because MM said “I’ll post here when it’s available” (italics added). I had already checked the other forums and the NaNo webpage and couldn’t determine whether the Windows NaNo version had been updated (without downloading and comparing numbers, which I was hoping not to have to do).

Sciley and ravensview: Thank you for the information. (Really.)

I’m currently running the Nanowrimo trial of Scrivener for Windows, version 045. This is my first experience with Scrivener and I’m absolutely loving it and can’t wait to buy the full version in December.

I want to download the latest beta release, but when I “check for updates”, it states that the latest release expires 7th November. Is that right? I thought it was going to run until December. I’d love the newest, shiniest, crash-free version, but I’d also like to keep writing after the 7th. Just checking before I download.

Thanks very much!

edit: Ah! This question is answered here.

I have exactly the same problem and have attached a screenshot of the green progress bar. It moves between 31 and 62%. It is in the Scrivener mode of a folder where there’s only one text file in the folder.

I upgraded from .035 to .049, uninstalled 035 and installed 049 from scratch. Also, Scrivener is very slow to open now (takes minutes). Am loathe to go back to 035 but might have to do so if it’s like this.


Yup - same problem here w 049. Never does load all of page, even if scroll to bottom and widen the window. Not critical - could split the page I guess. Is this a new feature designed to keep us awake while we write?

bargonzo - Very srry on the delayed post! It looks like you got an answer from some other helpful users. The new NaNoWriMo version is up; it’s the same link as previously from the special offers page, so you may need to dump your browser cache before downloading to ensure you don’t get the original file again.

Glad everything’s working again after reopening, but just to go through this:

  1. When you say they “came in as numbers”, where do you mean? In the binder? They will appear as numbered RTF files within the project folder itself if you’re looking at that in Windows Explorer, but in the project’s binder they should use the original file name. What method did you use to import the documents?

  2. To restore from a zip backup, just navigate to that backup file in Explorer, right-click and choose “Extract All” (you might want to change the name of the folder it extracts to). You’ll then get a .scriv folder and you can open the project by double-clicking the .scrivx file inside or by using “Open Existing Project” from within Scrivener to navigate to that file and open it. The biggest point with backups it to make sure they’re clearly named so that you don’t confuse your backup versions with your current versions. If you have a corrupt current one and want to restore a backup, it’s best to rename the current version’s .scriv folder to something like “[ProjectName]BADCOPY” or whatever will be clear to you, then go through the steps of extracting the backup. You can also move the extracted backup file to another location (for instance if you’re saving backups to a specific “Back Ups” directory, you’ll probably want to move the extracted folder to wherever you regularly save your in-progress work), just again make sure that you distinguish clearly between versions of the project.

danwdoo, talktidy, adj, ravensview - This is a bug (or set of bugs, depending on your view) that just came up with Scrivenings view, but Lee’s got that addressed now for the upcoming release. The performance decrease was part of the bug as well, so with the new rewritten code that will be improved as well. The editor splitting itself is also a recorded bug that’s undergoing fixing. If you get this, you can use View>Layout>No Split (or Ctrl+') to close the split, since the button doesn’t appear properly.

I am very relieved to hear of the fix.

Incidentally, are you letting Lee out of his cave and sending him off on holiday after all this?



We even promise to wait a full week before we start the 2.0 feature requests. :smiley:

I’ve downloaded from the site 3 times now, once using a completely different browser, and I’m still getting the .46 version.

I’m pretty sure the .46 version is the newest for NaNoWriMo. It was upgraded from a previous incarnation-- .35 or .45, I can’t remember which.

PS–Thanks, MM.

takes cover from the flying missiles from L&L team.

Heehee. Ahem

Seriously, you guys have done an awesome job!

I still think there should be a SciFi mode toggle button.
Happy for it just to add text to the toolbar that says “Sci Fi Mode engaged”

Mar, I had the same problem you mentioned with trying to combine NaNoWriMo with version 0.49. It seemed no matter which order I downloaded the two, I could either have NaNo with version .46 OR .49 without NaNo.

This is what worked for me: I downloaded the NaNo version and when I opened my document I clicked on Help > About. It said .46. Then I clicked on Help> Check for Updates (fourth from bottom, not Keep up to Date.) I was able to download the updated version from there. Now I have both NaNo as fiction template and 0.49. Yay! Hope it works for you.

The updated NaNoWriMo version is 046. It just went out around the same time as 049 over here–actually later, because of some server issues since that’s residing somewhere else. If you want the extended expiration date (Dec 7), you’ll need to use the NaNo version. If you want to use 049, you may do so and then switch over to the 1.0 trial when that becomes available next week. Since you’ll get until Nov 7th with 049, 30 days of the trial will carry you through to December.

Note that you can use Check for Updates from the NaNo version, which will upgrade you to 049, but it will change your expiration date to Nov 7th. Note also that you can use the standard version and download the template and compile settings from the special offers page if that’s all you want from the NaNo version.

Sorry for the confusion about this–I wasn’t clear on the version numbers in my earlier post. We’ve got a lot of valid betas floating around right now, to say nothing of internal test updates, and my mind’s starting to go…

I had the same problems as everyone above with installing 049 over earlier (035 and 045) versions. So slow and wonky that I couldn’t use it at all, with the little progress bar, and all. My solution was to do a complete uninstall, and install the nanowrimo trial, and now it’s all working fine. I am very happy to hear that this is a shared and known bug, and not something that went terribly wrong my way.

Look forward to the release. :slight_smile: