Beta 1.10 PDF Bug

Installed the 1.10 Beta Scrivener

The good news is that I’m able to import my final draft files. YAY!!!
Great news for me, as I’m primarily a screenwriter and had not been able to use Scrivener 1.03 for screenplays. (importing the rtf in 1.03 wreaked havoc on the all caps in headers and-- more seriously-- increased the left margin by 1 1/2 inches overall.)

I have not compiled yet, but it seems like the left alignment is now correct and the headers are in all caps.

The bad news (so far) is that it is not able to see pdfs that the 1.03 was able to. I had to use the external editor.

WinXp Service Pack 3

Marta, I had the same problem and reported at the beta forum, and Tiho’s solution here worked for me, may be you could give it a try. But I know nothing about why this happened in the first place, so as with any beta, handle with care :smiley:

Best wishes,

I renamed the “qpdfi.exe” file as “pdf.exe” and you were absolutely correct.
So I could have named it ANYTHING? That is the oddest solution I’ve heard of in a while, but it WORKED.
I’d love to know why from one of the tech folks, though…

It’s not the new name that matters so long as it appears non-existant to Scrivener and is, therefore, not used for the feature. You could have moved it to another directory or deleted it.

A better rename is something like “was_qpdfi.exe” which provides a clue as to what it was in case you need to get it back without reinstalling.

thanks, Almansur,
I’ll rename it

If it makes you feel better, Tiho is on the development team, helping out Lee, so I trust he knows what he’s talking about. :slight_smile: