Beta 1.4 - 'Close project' menu-item closes program

Thanks for the new version. It looks very good! However, one thing that is happening for me is that on a Win 7 64 bit, selecting ‘Close project’ menu item closes the application.

The closing is silent, ie there’s nothing from the app, it just closes, so I’m not sure how to get data to you about what is actually happening under the hood. For me, it just happens when I select the ‘Close project’ menu item.

I made sure I had the ‘Show start panel when there are no projects open’ as well. It was ticked. The work-around is of-course to create a new project or to load another one, and then close the old one, if you want to switch to another project.

Check your options again, it was just mentioned in another thread that the check box for “Open start panel when there are no projects open” was unchecking itself after saving the options. This might be why.