Beta 1.5.5 copy/paste issues[ADDITIONAL INFO]

I’ve had problems with copy/paste, both from the context (right-hand click) menu and using hotkeys (e.g. ctrl + c & v) from both within Scvrivener and from other applications. Somehow the clipboard image seems to be overwritten.

Peter100, I was not able to duplicate this. Can you provide step-by-step instructions so I can replicate and fix please?

I will try to figure out what happened and post back if I do. :wink:

This is what happens…

Say that I am in a doc item (child of a parent folder). I decide I want to cut one word and use it to replace another in a sentence I have written using the hotkey combinations ctrl+c and ctrl+v. For example, perhaps I would want to replace ‘Sally’ with ‘seashells’ in the sentence:

“Sally sells seashells by the seashore.”

If I highlight ‘seashells’ and hit ctrl+c ‘seashells’ are cut. Then if I select/highlight ‘Sally’ onto which I want to paste ‘seashells’ - using ctrl+v - the ‘seashells’ are lost and ‘Sally’ remains. Furthermore, one would expect ‘seashells’ to remain in the clipboard memory but instead "Sally’ has replaced them there too. (A dramatic disappearance wouldn’t you say?)

This bug appears if I cut something from within Scrivener but also from another application, say an internet browser. Note: This bug does not appear if I paste ‘seashells’ into a blank (non-highlighted) space.

This bug also appears if I highlight the term to be replaced and use the context menu (e.g. paste and match style.)

Hence, it seems the selecting/highlighting to replace which causes the bug.

PS Drag & Drop seems to work within the text doc, but not between different docs, however I believe this bug has been reported elsewhere.

I cannot replicate this on Win7 (new blank or existing). I get some weirdness with the size 8 font error, but Copy/Paste seems to work fine as far as putting the expected words in the right place and using the clipboard normally…

I tried the highlighting as far as you explained. I used both Ctrl+c (regular copy) and Ctrl+x (cut). So, I’m wondering what’s causing it to bug out for you and not me.

Sorry, but I can duplicate this either following the instructions?

Did you mean “can’t”?

Well, perhaps it’s just my machine… though I haven’t experienced this with any other application. Hmm. Will report back if I get any further insights. I might try downloading it to another computer to see what happens.