Beta 1.5.5 getting slow?[NOTED]

I’m not sure if this a bug but I’m experiencing a several second lag when shifting into the ‘show text view’ to view all ‘items’ in the project (using standard template). I have ca 45,000 words / or 300,000 characters. I’m running XP but my machine is fast enough to run most other applications without lagging (MS Office, Adobe products, etc.)

I have experienced the same slowness with Scrivener beta 1.55. It moves at a very slow crawl when I try to edit a 300’000+ word novel. My computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, quad core, 4 gigs of ram. I hope this can get fixed or we will be limited to small novels in length. It also takes over 10 seconds for the program to start with large project also.

Is there a max word count that you should stay under?

I’ve noticed it’s slower starting up when I load a large project (50K+ words than a smaller one)