Beta 1.5 Import Web Page not Working

Hi, Lee

Great job on Beta 1.5

I’m having an issue with importing Web pages. I did a search and didn’t find any related post newer than November, at which point it seemed the issue was resolved in v 1.3, so thought I should post it as a Beta 1.5 issue.

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. I have scrivener beta 1.5 running on my Windows 7 64 bit OS, and Chrome browser with a web page I want to import also open.

  2. With my mouse, I drag the web address form the Chrome URL/Address bar

  3. I get the following message


  1. Scrivener adds an “untitled” file to the folder I dragged do, but the file is empty. I’ve tried this 5 times and I get the same result every time - nothing. (See Below)

The scrivener project I’m using is a new project with a “Blank” template - started from scratch. I’m trying to import the web page into a folder that’s inside the “Research” folder which Scrivener created when I chose the Blank template.

Let me know if there’s any other information I can give you, or if you’d like me to send the file to you.


Web import problems are mentioned in the known bug list: … ta1-5.html

Dragging from browsers creates different effects depending on the browser.
With regard to importing via the menu, some web pages work and some don’t.

Thanks, Brightthings. I hadn’t found that in my search for some reason.

Perhaps my description will be of some help in any case.