Beta 1.5 version doesn't recognize my old project

Hello, seem like I have a problem I can’t get fixed by myself. I am a Ubuntu and a Wine user and today I upgraded my Scrivener-Windows beta version. Afterwards, oddly enough,the .scriv file no longer had its Scrivener file icon. And when clinking on it, I got the message: “There is no application installed for Scrivener Project File files”. So I went to the Scrivener application, and I opened my project by Scrivener>File>Open, but it no longer loaded its content. Next thing I did was to uninstall the Windows-Wine version, and afterwards I installed the .deb package for Ubuntu. But I got the same problem: no Scrivener icon, the same message when trying to open the .scriv file by clinking on it, the empty content when I open the .scriv file through the path Scrivener>File>Open. A friend of mine has Scrivener working on Windows XP and there Scrivener recognized and loaded the content of my project.

If anyone has any idea how to get over this, I would really appreciate their help!


You could try to back-up the apps (if any) from /.wine/drive_c/Program Files, delete the folder /.wine, run winereg (from Terminal or Alt-F2) to create a new /.wine, reinstall Scrivener for Windows, and see if this way it works.

If your project is loading on another machine, this means it isn’t corrupt.