Beta 1.6 available

Press Alt F2, type scrivener, check Run in terminal, press Run. Or type scrivener directly in the terminal, press enter, and see what happens…

Thanks, catalinux, but I’ve discovered another method…:slight_smile:

Update my system first, and then try the program before coming here and asking a stupid question…:slight_smile: I think I’ll go with THAT method from now on…:slight_smile:

I updated the entire XUBUNTU desktop to XUBUNTU 10, tried Scrivener, and it worked like a charm.

It looks like I’ve got a lot to learn about Linux…:slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Hmm… the need for ‘Run in Terminal’ seems rather necessary. Perhaps in the next iteration of my package, at the next Beta cycle, I could implement that into the Desktop Icon file thing.

Can anyone verify if /usr/bin/scrivener-beta (its a script) is causing the problem? I don’t have XUbuntu so I can’t mess with it. Regardless, XUbuntu, like normal Ubuntu w/XFCE instead of Gnome, should conform to /usr/share/applications/*.desktop specifications according to

Since the Icon shows up on XUbuntu but does not load, it is finding everything in the correct spot, though. Interesting… must be something in the script causing problems.

On a side note, you can execute scrivener-beta from the command line, or ALT+F2, if the Icon doesn’t work :slight_smile: the ‘Run from Terminal’ option is basically doing that step for you.

Hey, guys. I put together a deb for 1.9 and made it available as a torrent. See the post at for details.