Hi Beta Testers,

Firstly, I’d like to thank all of you for your patience in waiting for this beta given that we were a day or two late delivering this - depending on where you live in the world. Both Ian and I, really appreciate your support and encouragement. It has been a little crazy around here lately, but when I look at how Scrivener for Windows has progressed and all the things we have yet in store, I can’t help but smile at how enjoyable, robust and useful this software has quickly become. A huge part of this is due to this wonderful community and your excellent feedback, love and even cookies.

Below is a list of the bug fixes and enhancement that were made in beta 1.6. At the end of this text is a brief update on what our next focus will be, as well as, a link to the outstanding bugs in beta 1.6 that we know about.

Unfortunately, the tutorial in this release is from beta version 1.4. I missed this when frantically packaging. There’s been a lot of fixes to the tutorial, but they are not in this release. My penitence will be addressing the emails and posts regarding this.


Missing carriage returns in compile

Incorporate multi-line functionality for all index cards

Can’t Change Index Fonts under Corkboard
After last fixes cork board index title and index text fonts do not update when changed in the Options - cork board tab

Dictionary doesn’t remember learned words

Dictionary - Autocorrect capitalises after hyphens - it should not

Dictionary should include an unlearn capability

Foreign dictionaries need to be supported. We have added a web downloader for the following dictionary languages: Breton, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Faroese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Welsh. PLEASE NOTE THAT AFTER A DICTIONARY DOWNLOAD/S SCRIVENER MUST BE RE_STARTED TO SELECT THE DICTIONARY/IES IN THE OPTIONS DIALOG. I MISSED THIS IN THE RUSH TO GET 1.6 OUT GIVEN THE NASTY LIST BUG WE ENCOUNTERED LAST MINUTES - Sorry! - Lee

Smart apostrophes are lost with RTF imports (note: standard apostrophes work fine)

em and en dashes are also lost with RTF imports

Export is no longer limited to TXT, RTF, and PDF, and ODT (Open Office) for Linux. Windows users with Word installed can now export within Scrivener to: HTML, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PostScript, SVG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TGA and BMP. Note you’ll need Word 2007 or the free plug-in to export to DOCX

Font Shrinks and changes on cut and paste

Full nested list support for bullets, numbers, roman numerals etc. This was painful and the cause of the late beta but it works beautifully now even if I do say so myself

Ruler Tab Placement
Paste operation will steal the TABs of the line one line below it

Indents not sticking between full-screen and editor

Text cursor with fixed font height

Left and Right Tabs
After adding a right tab and left tab to simulate a “header column” and a “content column”, moving away from the file and returning to it will convert both tabs to right tabs

Scrivener links
Scrivener link format can now be turned off on new line by right-clicking and selecting ‘Clear Links’. Annotations and Footnotes still need to be addressed as it’s still not simple to undo these

Split Text
Split text loses the indentation of the first paragraph where the text breaks

Pasting images from RTF or Word

New Project/Template Save
Prevent or warn users if they are about the save into another project folder and prevent it

Save As using same file name
Implement prompt to prevent this

Include in Draft
“Included in Draft” setting. Doesn’t save when the program is closed, even when saved

Hide Inspector on Multi Select
Inspector should hide when multiple items selected on the corkboard and outliner

Project Notes Persistence
If a user switches to project notes as they want to keep this open, each time a new document is created the inspector switches to document notes forcing the user to change again to project notes.

Can’t add hard returns to index cards

Import Web Page
No links or formatting work on pasting html from webpage

Additional ‘.’ in filename
Filenames with additional ‘.’ to be handled

Multiple selected documents
Selecting multiple documents for printing currently crashes Scrivener every time

No snapshot sound
There sound for snapshot is only triggered on menu selection not when triggered in inspector buttons

Mode Formatting
The formatting is a bit rough in that the right margin floats to the page width. It would be better if it conformed to the style and was fixed relating to the style type. Tabbing doesn’t activate the correct style. In most other screenwriting apps the tab automatically activates the correct style (eg: one tab for characters, a back tab from there for parenthetical etc). Also, most autodetect the scene heading / action line. eg if you start typing EXT in pos 1 the software knows that this is the start of a scene heading and throws up an autocomplete line. It is very distracting having to worry about setting the style each time you start a new paragraph

Character / dialogue spacing in Script mode
After typing a character name, regardless of whether I hit TAB to enter dialogue, or hit ENTER and select DIALOGUE from the dropdown, I get a full line of space between the character name and the dialogue

Dialogue should begin on the line directly below the character name. I can mail you a screen shot if this doesn’t make sense. it looks like the “0 Space before” and “1 Space before” settings have identical formatting. I tried using the default setup and got an identical amount of space between the character and the scene heading as I did between the character and the dialogue. When I adjusted the script settings to add a space before the dialogue, I got the same result. Adjusting to add two spaces before, and the result was two spaces, not one—so the setting is working, it just isn’t properly reducing the space to zero

Parenthetical element
Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode - Screenplay - I noticed that the Parenthetical element puts opening and closing parentheses in the middle of the text, regardless of whether or not it’s in the middle of the word, and that by choosing a different element, the parentheses remain

No has an opacity setting so it can stay open in the background and not be too visible and distracting

Save personal templates
There’s still an outstanding issue that must have been broken between the first beta and now.

Added a generate more names button

Edit of toolbar buttons for display in Scrivener toolbar via a dialog needs to be added

Doc and Docx support (Export only - import to follow shortly)

Line spacing icon in format bar to be added for editor, preferences, and compile draft options. (added in previous beta but not updated in the bug list)

Add shortcut for Strikethrough formatting - Now that you can customize both toolbars you can add this. Likewise with a fake ZOOM feature (until we can implement it properly) you can add the increase and decrease font size tool buttons and simply CTRL+A to select all text and click on one of these icons - a dodgy interim solution but a little easier than changing via font size every time?


  1. General Bug fixes
  2. Import file formats other than rtf and txt
  3. Auto-correction and auto-complete facility similar to Word, we will also tie in a character Map selection tool as well to make finding symbols easier. See image below for idea what we’re talking about here:
  4. A little ‘spit and polish’ to the text highlighting for project search and find and replace i.e. Keep colors but change rectangles to rounded rectangles - a pet peeve of mine; rounded is so much more soothing :slight_smile:
  5. Implement number of index cards across into the corkboard dialog pop-up
  6. Adding merge documents capability i.e. Selecting several documents in the binder and then choosing Documents > Merge will merge the selected documents into one (their meta-data—the stuff that appears in the inspector—will be merged too).
  7. Fixing annotation and footnotes so you can turn them off easier.
  8. Enabling the menu, Edit>Options, under the Appearance tab, the first option is a check-box labelled “Show subdocument counts in binder”.
  9. Investigate ePub and Mobi formats.
    Etc. you get the idea - just making Scrivener better and better


Well, it’s been a huge week and it hasn’t even started. I’ll post again soon.


Thanks a million!

Brilliant …

Looking forward to seeing number 9… Output to ePub & mobi … :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yea! I’m VERY excited about that one. No more intermediate steps to getting Amazon-ready.

I’ll second that ebullience! I’d very much like to be able to export to ePUB and MOBI! If Calibre can do it, I’m sure Scrivener can.

I’m curious why Windows users have to have Word installed? I only have LibreOffice (fork of OpenOffice) installed. Does the windows version use Word to do the export? Will that change in the future?

Firstly, I love the new update but I have a couple of questions.

  1. Will the ability to drag and drop files and folders between projects be implemented?

  2. Will we be able to import a scrivener project into another project like you can on the Mac version.

  3. Is is possible to use tab in screenwriting to move to the next element yet. It doesn’t appear to be working even though I have ticked the allow tabs check box for all the elements.

When I press tab key it just indents text like standard formatting rather than change element.

Many thanks for all your hard work Lee!

Great work Lee - been a little scarce around here myself, but keeping up with the beta and each one clearly has taken a large amount of work.

Much appreciated!

Question: do you now need Word installed to compile to PDF? (I’m getting that error that I need word installed every time I try with the windows version. Linux native works fine. PDF compiling used to work in 1.5 and below.)

hi, my scrivener 1.4 did learn new words, the 1.6 doesn’t ( and has forgotten learnt words) - is this a new bug? - coz you said in your list it was fixed - it was never broke in mine before :frowning: do I need to wait for the next download at the end of the month?


It does learn new words. If you go to Edit>>>Options>>>>Auto-Correction there’s a button that says “View Personal Word List.” Click on that and you’ll see your words. However, when I add the words they’re still have that squiggly red underline.

thanks Rebeca, , I have the red line too - and hate it!


The only thing Scrivener currently uses a Word install for is doc and docx conversion. If it’s using the Word for pdf it shouldn’t and is no doubt a bug as we can support PDF and ODT (open office) native. I do not plan on not using Word for doc and docx import and export. We’d spend the rest of our lives chasing Microsoft otherwise and it’s reported that ~90% of windows desktops have Word installed.

Scrivener’s rtf engine, is getting more and more robust with every beta. RTF and XHTML(new version of HTML) will be the two core elements that we’ll focus on getting perfect and having complete control over as we’ve written them from the ground up. RTF because everything can read and write it - including Word. XHTML, well, it’s the future and the backbone of ePub and Mobi - HTML5 etc. We’ll also ensure that we can read and write Final Draft format after the initial release as that was always on the cards for Script Writers. We’ll obvious try and support as many other formats as possible too such as web archives for both Mac and Windows, images etc., but the focus is really on rtf, xhtml, pdf, odt (Linux users especially), txt, final draft, ePub, mobi, and XML (which can also be used for sync services out to the web and mobile devices).

As far as the dictionary learning new words, we’ve had a lot of issues and reports from users that it was just plain broken. I’m surprised that someone actually had it working. In hind sight, I believe this was partly a permissions issue, but then a bright user suggested unlearning words - which is often required. The current ASpell dictionary didn’t support that, so we augmented Scrivener to maintain it’s own word lists. This way we can unlearn words and learn and unlearn words on a project by project basis, or universally across all projects. So, any previously learned words, for those that had it working, will unfortunately be lost. If however, learned words in Scrivener 1.6 are still being underlined in red then that’s a bug and we’ll need to fix it. And if there’s a preference for how the squiggly red underline would be better presented in future, please post about what you would like to see and we’ll try and address it after the launch.

Well that’s enough from me for the moment.


  1. Yes, this is in the imminent pipeline.
  2. Not sure what you mean by this. Can you please enumerate?
  3. Opps, looks like this is broken again. Something we’ve done has stop this from working. I’ll look into this and get it fixed.


Cool beans. I tried uninstalling, wiping the registry, then reinstalling, and I’m getting the same error when I try to compile to PDF. Could it be some setting somewhere that I didn’t wipe? (I noticed the PDF compile bug after I tried to compile something to *.doc–more to see what would happen.)

Also, when you’re trying to compile a file to some file name that already exists, it prompts you if you really want to use that name, and when it fails, the original file is deleted, even though the compile failed.

While you’re looking at the script stuff, when I installed 1.6 I tried turning on the scriptwriting option and writing a chunk of script in several of the styles. I found the right hand margin seems to be set wrong. For example, the ‘Action’ text is set to about 3.5 inches and the ‘Dialogue’ set to around 5 inches. I presume they are wrong but is it a bug or an option I have to fix somewhere?

the PDF compile in beta 1.6 is using Word. my compiled PDF document shows “Microsoft Word 2010” as the PDF Producer in document properties.