[Beta 1.7/1.8] Drag and Drop Bug

I’m not sure if this is a bug as I am not familar with the intended behaviour.

  1. Select folder with material you want to transfer to another project expanding all.
  2. Move to another project.
  3. Documents get transferred but grouping is lost. By this I mean a folder or documents sub documents are now on the same level as the parent folder and not children.
  4. Grouping has to be redone in destination project.

Expected behaviour

I understand the need for selecting the sub documents as well as folder when transferring as scrivener folders are not just containers but documents in their own right. but I expected the grouping to be maintained.

Just discovered a workaround to keep folder structure.

  1. Drag and drop container folder first.
  2. Select sub documents. Use ctrl click for multiple documents.
  3. Drag and drop on destination container folder.