Beta 1.7 Check for known bugs bug. :)

My PC runs Win XP Home edition 32 bit with Service Pack 3

I downloaded this software Beta 1.7 today so I should have the freshest installer.

This one I find amusing.

Found by using:

Help>Known Bugs in Beta 1.7

Doing that produces a:
HTTP 404 Not Found error page

What should happen is that when clicked it takes you to the:
Known Bugs in 1.7 web page

Cure would be to correct the link to the page that is called on. Or possibly there is no page yet to link to as this is the newest Beta.

For what it’s worth, and in case it’s not universal, I got this same result. (A redirector could be used if the address is not the right one.)

I don’t believe a page has been created yet.