Beta 1.7 - Crash on change margin


There are some minor issues with the margin settings, since I’m using Scrivener.

What I noticed mainly is that I cannot change any margin on selecting a whole file, without losing indent settings and right align for example.

When there are indented paragraphs, right aligned text, or even first line indents, a margin change made on the whole file overrides these settings.

The new thing with Beta 1.7, is that margin changes MAY cause Scrivener to crash…

What I did :

  1. selected a group of indented paragraphs to change the right margin (I did so, as changing the margins on every separate settings does NOT override them)
  2. changed the right margin
  3. crash before the changes became visible on screen

I saw this, too: see my post on the “Crashing on Show Text View / Corkboard View” topic.

Crashed when changing right margin. This is in a saved project. Has crashed twice while trying to adjust any margin.

Also noticed that when I go to Edit/Options/Editor, I am unable to set the right margin. Left and tab settings can be changed and saved, but right margin cannot be moved/changed at all. When returning to a project, tab and margin settings are no longer being saved.