Beta 1.7 Learned Word bug still there

My PC runs Win XP Home edition 32 bit with Service Pack 3

I downloaded this software Beta 1.7 today so I should have the freshest installer.

This is about the learned word

I am using the edit>options>Auto-Correction>View Personal Word List method
I also use the highlight word, right click, learn word option
What happens is:

  1. All made up words such as names, places, etc… have the red squiggly lines under (good)
  2. I add the words using both the above methods. Still has red squiggles after (bad)
  3. I close Scrivener and reopen Scrivener. All squiggles are gone. (good)
  4. I reopen the above method to peek at word list. Red squiggles now reappear. (bad)

Note: words are in the “View personal word list” found at:
Edit>Options>Auto-Corrections>View Personal Word List

What is supposed to happen (I expected)

  1. All made up words such as names, places, etc… have the red squiggly lines under (good)
  2. Add the words using either of the above methods to have red squiggles go away and not reappear for the current project even after looking numerous times at the learned personal words dictionary. A learned word should stay learned.

I’m having this problem too, just as described in previous post.
Though I have now set auto-correct to “correct spelling as I type” and now it won’t learn anything at all.
Just won’t let go of those squiggly lines :-/

Thanks for all your amazing hard work (do you ever sleep?)
Wish I knew enough to help more.

My problem is similar, but not quite the same. It will learn the words, and the squiggles will disappear. I can view the personal word list and there’s no problem. However, when I close the scrivener project I’m working on and then reopen it, the squiggles are back. If I click on recheck spelling they’ll go away again, but they should stay away once they’re on the personal word list.

It’s working much, much better for me than it was before, but there is still a problem somewhere.

I confirm similar behaviour in Beta 1.8. It does behave as expected until one looks at the personal word list (or, as noted above, when the program is closed and opened again), at which point spellchecking is apparently done without the PWL and the previously learned words are tagged as incorrect (despite still being in the word list, as evident by rechecking).

I get exactly the same behavior as RobertY.

I run Vista, beta v1.7.