[Beta 1.7] Zoom and help menu bugs

I’ve found a couple of bugs. The first one relates to the addition of zoom and is similar to the one reported here —> [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/beta-1-7-zoom-with-crtl-mouse-wheel-behaving-randomly/11451/1]

Since the addition of zoom the font size in my project and document notes appears tiny making it almost unreadable.

sccriv doc note by StaceyUK, on Flickr

Secondly the Check known bugs link on the help menu no longer works as it takes you to the beta 1.6 page which no longer exists.


Haven’t I read in Lee’s Update that the Bug list will be available during the coming week ?
I’m quite sure that’s it… :wink:

Document notes too small to see for me, too. Can’t open to alternate editor. First installation of 1.7 also brought up beta 1.5. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Re-installation brought up only 1.7.
Otherwise, this is about the best program that I’ve found so far. Thanks to all that have worked so hard on this.