Beta 1.7 - Zoom with Crtl + mouse wheel behaving randomly

Hi !

This is really excellent !
I love it to discover the new features…
… and to feel useful again as a beta tester :smiley:

Right when I opened a first project with the new Beta version, I saw that the FONT SIZE in the “editor options” did not look the same as usual.
My project was then opened on “corkboard”.

I did a complete uninstall, as recommended, and the few internal settings are thus to review.
This was quickly done.

My font settings inside my files are still the same, but, they appear much smaller, although the zoom feature shows “100 %”.

Clicking around on the zoom button allows me to find out that the right size would be the one shown under “150 %”.
The “100 %” view reduces thus approximatively by 1 third of usual size.

As I use very often the “ctrl + mouse wheel” feature, I try it out, to see what happens…

Very strange behaviour…
When I pull my finger in my direction, I expect the text to become smaller.
In the opposite direction, I expect it to become bigger.

Or, whatever I do, the text becomes smaller and smaller.
The action leads to lag, so that you do not even know if zoom has completely done…

The only solution is to use the zoom button and find a convenient size to work with.

I can confirm the following behaviours:

I posted this elsewhere, but I think in the wrong place.

I have Windows XP, SP3.

The font size problem is the same as with others… 100% is too small.

For magnification, when I do Ctr+Scroll-Wheel a pop-up appears with a scale from 0% to 100%, but it doesn’t do anything with the document. If I click the box at the lower left corner of the document area, it pops up a list from 25% to 800% (which is a more practical range than 0 to 100), and it works properly.