[Beta 1.8] Arrow Key Navigation Glitchy After Undo/Redo

For whatever reason, after using undo/redo, the up and down arrow keys navigate paragraphs instead of lines, making it harder to navigate a document without the help of a mouse. It seems to maintain the character position within the paragraph when moving to the next paragraph, so you can go up and down to the same spot within a paragraph. But this is not the desired functionality of the up and down arrow keys.

Can anyone reproduce this?

Yes…weird. Doing this, I got it up to the middle of the top paragraph (by some remembered cursor position, apparently?) and then could not get up any further with the up arrow. Likewise going back down, I get to somewhere in the middle of my last paragraph and then it won’t go further.

Switching documents and then returning makes the up/down key behavior return to normal.

Beta 1.8 on Windows XP Pro SP3