beta 1.8 crashing frequently and often

This is getting exasperating.

I open Scrivener. I click on a folder. I have to click on Corkboard view, then move to another folder, make sure it is on Corkboard view, then move back to the original folder to click on Text view to get text to look like a normal printed page with the proper margins.

Then, as I read the text and after 15 seconds or so, when I click on the text to edit, Scrivener crashes. Every time now. I thought it might be the auto-save but I changed that to 77 seconds and I am still getting the crash after 15 seconds or so.

If I start editing right away so there is no pause, then I can edit a couple of times before Scrivener crashes. But this is getting to the point of why do i even bother using Scrivener right now.

I am sorry. But Beta 1.8 is the most unstable beta of all the other betas combined. I do understand this is a beta. I will be willing to try out the next beta but if the next one is as unstable as this one, I’m giving up. I am spending more time clicking don’t send error report to Microsoft and getting Scrivener open again than I am working on the text.

Yup, known issue. If you update (either via the menu or running the autoupdate-windows.exe in the liveupdates folder in your Scrivener root directory, you’ll get version 1.9. It fixes that and a lot of other things. :slight_smile:

Cool! margins are fixed; so far it hasn’t crashed while editing.

I’m happy now. :slight_smile:

Thank you.