Beta 1.8 not correcting version number

My PC runs Win XP Home edition 32 bit with Service Pack 3

I just upgraded to version Beta 1.8 using the:
Help>Check for Updates

Congrats! It ran smoothly for me.

However the Desktop Icon was not updated to the proper version. It still says Scrivener Beta 1.7
It should say Scrivener Beta 1.8

Splash screen Beta Warning window reports correct version
Help area reports correct version

This Bug is not a biggie. Probably just an over site. I posted this for future reference for the coder.

It also still says V1.7 in ‘start menu/All Programs/Scrivener’, both for the app shortcut itself and the ‘Uninstall Scrivener V1.7’ option.

I also pinned V1.7 to the Start Menu (I’m using Win 7) and it still says ‘Scrivener Beta 1.7’ but I’m not sure if I should expect that to change automatically (be good if it did though).

But I did have to upgrade to 1.8 by running the ‘autoupdate-windows.exe’ manually - not sure if that makes a difference.