Beta 1.9 - backups now in odd places

Encountered this on first backup, and then looked around a bit, on Win7 as always, and may matter here.

Backup Project To now offers a dropdown. However:

  • The default location offered is C:\Program Files\Scrivener. Well, it’s not where any file writing should go, and in fact on Win7 you are securely prevented from ever writing there. Possibly Vista auch.

  • The last location offered is Home. I wondered where Home might be, so I tried it. Well, the C:/Users folder. Another place that shouldn’t be on the menu, probably.

  • The Documents offer does work, and puts the backup in the current user’s My Documents, as should be expected. I just wonder if it always would depending on what you have your Win7 Documents library to include, alphamerically. Maybe a My Documents is safer, also clearer?

  • I tried browsing to choose a unique folder not on offer. This worked fine as far as the Backup save, but the chosen location wasn’t on the list when I went back to try it again. Hearts and minds would applaud if it were, probably at top of list; and saved with the project for next time too.

  • Desktop choice works, and feels appropriate to have in the Scrivener-does-what-u-could-want mode of thinking, particularly for writers in a hurry.

Best, and always quietly applauding as well as enjoying,

I second this sentiment … perhaps there could be some option for the user to nominate a default backup store of their choice … [Say through edit>>options>>general …]