Beta 1.9 blacks out all in-line footnotes[BUG LOGGED]

The in-line footnoes are still there and the text can be seen if I select it, but otherwise the text is totally covered with black. This was not the case with Beta 1.6 or 1.7 but happened as soon as I updated to 1.9. I can’t find a way to get rid of the black.

I assume the problem with compiling footnotes/endnotes that I reported earlier has not been addressed yet, since I am still encountering the same problems. Barbara McManus

And annotations are white and invisible unless highlighted, even with the default settings. By playing around with the colors in the options, I was able to get them to appear, but they’re not picking up the colors I’ve set in the options. Same with the footnotes. It seems to stay on a grayscale and with the values backwards–e.g. the darker I make the background in the options, the lighter it actually appears.

(beta 1.9 on XP Pro SP3)

I have the same problem except my background is black, But the annotations are still invisible.

Note: I use annotations for editing my work, for writing notes about what needs to be changed in this spot.
I noticed annotation oddities in 1.7: if I placed an annotation between two words (just add another space, and then go between the two spaces, click “annotation” and then start typing) in 1.6, it did exactly what I expected it to do. When I started typing, it was colored red and light red, and then got less visible when I was done and the cursor had moved away from the text.
In 1.7, if I clicked “annotation” anywhere but at the end of a paragraph, it turned the previous punctuation or word into an annotation.
This has continued into 1.9, and with the addition of the invisible text (which I have not managed to make a different color or make visible at all, but I’ll keep trying now that I know someone has managed it), it makes annotations significantly less useful to me in editing my novel.

Okay, following MimeticMouton’s observation, I made the annotation color white, and it now shows up black when I’m typing and gray when the cursor’s elsewhere.
So, that’s better than nothing?

Hm, I haven’t tested it with annotations, but this sounds like the same bug I reported with the footnotes.

For the annotation color, you should be able to get something mid-range by choosing say a pale gray in the Appearance colors. Also you can change the “ghost” colors the same way.

My annotations stay invisible no matter what colour I change them to.



I’ve imported an rtf file with footnotes.

The footnotes appear “greyed” by a big fat black line…

It’s maybe just a little too dark : Text is there, everything works fine.

I only have to select the footnotes if I wish to read their content.

Well, in the end, it is much more disturbing to really read them in the text, than to see that line…