Beta 1.9 compile/print problem

I like to print a couple of pages now and then and edit/expand them offline (at lunch in the cafeteria).

So here’s what I did:

Selected File / Compile / Custom
Unchecked all the sections I didn’t want, leaving 2 sections selected (a total of about 5 pages)
set page break before the second section
In the Formatting pane, I clicked Override the existing text…
set the spacing for 2.0 (making room for handwritten edits)
left compile for: set to “print”
clicked Compile
selected my printer and clicked Print

The result:

The first section printed in single-, not double-spacing.
Then there was a blank page.
The second section printed out with a single sentence on each page (again, single-spaced).

A quick look at my printer queue showed me the file was 57 pages long. I had to turn the printer off and un-jam it.

I’ve done this twice.

I realized I didn’t need to compile the sections, but could select them in the Binder and print them individually. And I could now double-space the document from within the text view screen.

The first three-page section printed out fine.

And then the printer kept spewing out the last page, over and over again.