[beta 1.9] Project wordcount is inaccurate

When I click Crtl-Shift-T to see Project Statistics, the wordcount does not match the total words for the project.

Project statistics shows 5963 words.
The word count at the bottom of the screen shows 48158 words.
The word count prior to the update to 1.9 was 48360.

I’ve taken a screenshot to show what I’m seeing and can send the file if it will help.

This has magically fixed itself, prior to the 2.0 upgrade. The problem went away when I started a new chapter.

Prior to this, no matter what chapter I was in, I had the same inaccurate and very low wordcount. I don’t see any obvious difference between the new chapter and the old. If I spot some distinction or if it reoccurs I’ll post again. Otherwise, this seems to have been a pain for a couple of days that randomly fixed itself.


I read this post and tried…

With one small file open, I asked for project statistics.

The word count was the one of the total project, but seemed not to be the exact total. (And, after checking, it wasn’t : it showed about 175000 words, and in the scrivening there are about 179000)

So I switched to the top in the binder, to have the same figure.

With the complete project open in a scrivening, I asked for project statistics again.

I got a runtime error message.

I took the time for a screen capture, then closed that box.

Runtime error.png

Then Scrivener crashed.

New start of the program.

I do the same again : opening the complete project in a scrivening (total word count : 179590)

Then I select project statistics again : total word count 176589.

This means that there is a problem with word count here as well.