Beta 11, 64-bit, no Scratch pad shortcut?

I’m doing ctrl-shift-zero. (ctrl-shift-o brings up keywords.) It doesn’t crash Scrivener anymore, but it also doesn’t bring up the Scratch Pad. I don’t currently have that configuration used anywhere else. (The only other program I had open at the same time was Chrome, but it’s not used there, either, I don’t think.) Bug, or quirk of the XFCE desktop?

Works on my pc, 64-bit Scrivener, beta 11. So perhaps there’s something unusual about yours?

Brings mine up just fine (I almost never use Scratchpad, so just tried it). Perhaps in the Keyboard options, it’s been changed somehow by a miskey at some point?

File -> Options -> Keyboard
Filter “Scratch”
and it should show you the shortcut.

XFCE desktop for Linux or Windows? If Linux, could be a Wine issue, too (I had some minor keyboard issues running Beta 10 under Wine). Haven’t mucked with any WSL stuff yet, so can’t help you there.

Hrm. Could very well be a WINE thing.