Beta 11 - Ebook Table of Content not showing chapters

I am trying to compile my book into an E-Book (epub 2). I am using a copy of the predefined Ebook format, and everything works fine, beside the table of content.
Instead of listing all the section titles rsp the numbered chapters, it seems to use the book title.
The links in the toc are correct, but the link name is obviously not.

I even don’t know where this book title comes from, because it is not the one I have in the project metadata and it is not the name of the uppermost folder. Looks as if this is the file name of the scrivener project, what is really weird.
Or do I miss something? In the options of toc I don’t see where to chose the chapter names or numbers.

I’m having the same issue - My table of contents just shows the book name and not the chapter names/numbers.