Beta 11: Missing Linguistic Focus Choice on the Edit > Writing Tools Menu

The tutorial with Beta 11 states Edit > Writing Tools > Linguistic Focus is available. There is no such menu option. Is the tutorial wrong, or is that a bug?

Also, the menus open flush under their top level name (File, Insert, View, etc.) except the Edit menu. It opens flush under the Insert menu.

My apologies if this was already reported. More often than not, the search of the forum returns the error “The search cannot be used now. Please wait x seconds.” Waiting the required time seems to make no difference.

Thanks, Miik.

If I remember rightly, Linguistic Focus is only there on the Mac version as it is provided by MacOS. On Windows it will be “Dialogue Focus”.

Read the blog entry introducing it: … stic-focus

For the rest, I can’t comment.



There are icons on some of the menus - left side. That pushes the menu list over. I don’t see a problem, but maybe because I’m running in Dark Mode.

This is still not implemented in the Windows version, and the Tutorial is obviously out of sync here. An initial version of this feature is planned for the next update.

Does the difference in names, Linguistic Focus for Mac versus Dialogue Focus for Windows, indicate that the Windows version will only isolate dialogue and not the parts of speech as on the Mac?

The feature wasn’t implemented in Beta 12, so I created a workaround if anyone is interested. I created a collection called Dialogue from a search using this criteria (including the quotes):

It highlights all dialogue starting with the opening quote and ending with the closing quote. If you forget to open or close a quote, this helps spot it. I also use it to review the non-highlighted text as the words the narrator is saying as opposed to the characters.

Note that my options use smart quotes, so if you don’t use them, replace them with straight quotes (") above.

I should have noted that the search criteria above is a RegEx expression.


I think I understand your regex expression, but don’t have a clue as to how to implement it in Scrivener.

Since Scrivener is not implementing the dialogue focus that they promised back in 2017, could you possibly give some details on how to make your regex expression work in Scrivener?

Bill Antonacchio

Ha! I found a gold mine of video tutorials on using every aspect of Scrivener. Windows tutorials offers Two small startup tutorials, but evidently Apple Mac users paid a lot more than Windows users because MAC OS video tutorials are VAST, covering all of the feature and more than Windows will be accessing. Just head over to the Mac tutorials and everything is done in very nice videos. And its FREE!

Bill Antonacchio

To use the RegEx expression in Scrivener, copy and paste the expression into the search project field. Set the search parameters to use RegEx, and whatever other options you want (text, ignore trash, etc.).

I created a collection from that search to invoke it anytime I need it. Note that the options you select will revert to the defaults the next time you start the program, so when you use it, check the options to ensure you’re searching what you think you are.


Since the Windows version has not implemented the Mac linguistic features yet, I use the following web site to isolate some features such as the starting word for each sentence (to check for repetition), weak verbs, and so on. The URL is:

Copy your text/scene, and then paste it into the web page. Click the Analyze button, and then select any feature you want to examine. Maybe you’ll find that helpful.

There are other websites that do similar things, but they are more difficult to use or they overwhelm me with colors and information.