Beta 11 on linux under wine?

You may move this to a differrent sub-forum if needed. I couldn’t find exactly where it fits.

I’m running the current windows Scrivener release on linux under wine. I tried some time ago to install the beta 10 version and failed. Never really tried to figure why. Does anyone have beta 11 running under wine on linux?

For testing purposes, I have installed both all betas up to and including beta 11 using Crossover—a UI development of WINE—on my Mac without any problem. But you’d do best to have a look in the Linux sub forum in the Beta forum
and see if anything @Garpu or anyone else has posted will help you, and if not re-post there.



That is very good news to me! I’ve wanted to run a Crossover, and Scrivener combo on a Chromebook, now that my laptop is nearing its end of life. I should think the Chrome OS and the MAC OS are closer in nature than Chrome and Windows. Has anyone tried this Chrome/Crossover/Scrivener combination?