Beta 12: Composition Mode: With 2 projects/monitors, certain actions catapult focus to the opposite project

This one is not a major problem, just a minor glitch that requires an extra step with many operations in Composition Mode.

I work with two monitors, and sometimes like to work with two projects open, one for really rough drafts and the other for more complete working drafts, fleshing out the roughest ideas on the right monitor/project then pasting them over to the left main project.

Certain actions, conducted in one project, will catapult the focus to the opposite project. Examples include:

  1. With Composition Mode on in Project #1, switching focus to Project #2, then opening Composition Mode (F11), focus/cursor will show up back in Project #1. I am required to click back into Project #2 to begin typing.

  2. Opening the Keywords or Styles popups in Project #1, with cursor in editing area of Project #1, clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the popup to close it catapults the focus/cursor over to Project #2.

There may be more examples; this is what I can find just now. In both examples, left/right and Project #1/#2 are interchangeable.