Beta 12: Pop Up Menus Not Allowing User Selection

When I click on menus from the bottom status bar (the Options ellipse beside the + and new folder icons, the text scale, the label drop down, the status drop down) or in the inspector (bookmarks drop down, bookmarks options), the menu opens quickly, the option under the mouse is selected, and then the menu closes before the user even has a chance to see the menu choices.

The workaround is to click and hold down the mouse button to force the menu to remain open. You have to continue holding down the mouse button and move to the desired choice before you let go of the mouse button.



I was having a similar problem, but in my case, the pop-up menus of the options at the bottom of the Binder, the font, the size and the scale are all working well. Only the two pop-up menu of the label and the status sometimes happen to be unable to choose (not all the time).
It seemed to be the variation of / the same as this bug report. Hope you won’t mind I post a reply here.