Beta 12: Thank You!

Thank you, Scrivener Windows Team, for getting these fixes out so quickly.

Yes indeed. Especially as (first impressions) project opening times seem much faster. Hope everyone at L&L gets a well-earned seasonal break.

Amen! Only been testing for a little while, but as far as I can tell all the troubles I’d been having with targets in Beta 11 seem to be fixed now, along with a handful of other little niggles.

Thanks for all your hard work! :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you!

It’s such a great piece of software now. The niggles were worth persevering past, but really appreciate the quick and off schedule fixes.

I don’t think so. Handling huger projects (more than 10 MB) is a disaster. .Slow opeing, slow moving inside the project and many “doesn’t avser” responses.

@Dorothea: The size of you project should not make a huge difference on Scrivener. Can you please email me a demo project at tiho at with steps to reproduce delays, not responding and other issues. The slow startup time might be also due to a lot of custom fonts installed on your computer. The startup splash screen should inform you where the delay occurs. Can you please measure exactly how many seconds you see the startup splash screen. How much time does it take to load your project. You might also run ScrivenerLog.bat and send us the generated log files within the logs sub folder.

Just to add some data, I have two projects that I commonly use. The 3.1MB file opens in 4.1 seconds, and the 12MB one opens in 4.6. This is with Scrivener already open at the start panel, on a fairly slow laptop with a SSD. This is also after a fresh install of Windows 10 with only one custom font.

I’m pretty happy with the speed improvements. Using beta 10, switching documents or selecting more than one was very slow. Once I did a Select All in the binder by mistake and almost had to go get a coffee!

Tiho, here I consider Scrivener just fine.

It’s not instant even on a fast i7 laptop and SSD, so I think you are on to something in mentioning font loading.

The other (fine) programs I have that are a little delayed for this (and announce this is so) are the three Serif/Affinity tools – Publish, Photo, Design.

They’ve improved into your range, after being very slow months ago – Scrivener is 1+ seconds to the expiry alert, and then 3 seconds + or so after that to fully working. Affinity programs are about twice those figures to get to first screen – and this is blank for another 7-10 seconds while their much more complex graphics interface composes itself.

Microsoft programs are faster, but I think they use a font cache, being the developers of the underlying , of course. And InDesign loading is 5-10 seconds slower than the Affinity equivalent, even when it has its font cache ready – reloading that after some change is many seconds further, which you can tell from splash screen messages.

Maybe there’s some hint in something easy and helpful there, in having splash screen mini-texts?

In any case, I think you are doing fine. Some of the variation about other programs may also be in which of possible fonts they use and view. InDesign in particular can keep its own set separate, tnen combines…

Best wishes for the holidays to the team,