[Beta 13] Compile Not Complete

Compile has many issues and does not work completely. I can’t understand why this was not documented in the release notes. Instead I had to get the official info from the Interactive Demo. Really???

I hope you focus on making Compile feature and functionally complete along with templates in the next version. All the other issues have less importance for a full release and can be fixed/updated in a release update.

Hmm… Release notes for the latest Beta clearly state…

A few issues to be aware of in the current v12 beta
We still have aspects of the Compiler back-end to hook-up; however, the Compiler interface is now complete. So, feel free to post Compiler bugs as we’ll be looking to close these out pretty quickly in the coming weeks. Then our focus will be on closing out on remaining reported bugs.

I was very excited to get Beta 13; I wanted to try the newest Compiler. It had worked to the limited extent I needed in Beta 12. I was dismayed, therefore. :cry: The only result of selecting Compile (by any of the various means) was for the window to lock up. No keypresses generated anything other than a beep … even when I left it alone, hoping it would finish after a bit.

In ten attempts, twice hitting Esc repeatedly and then clicking on the window restored normal functionality; the other eight times it was necessary to use Task Manager to kill the process.

I am on Windows 10; the upgrade to Beta 13 was done by Scrivener itself.

I saw this behavior in previous build 12.
I noticed since dark mode on. And the only way to show the complies window was to restore project preferences (or something similar) by pressing alt and archive menu and pressing something like close and restore project settings (I’m not in my lap to check the correct names in menu).
Hope it helps.

If possible can you send me a backup of the project you are working on and email it to lee AT literatureandlatte DOT com. Also please articulate in the email exactly what compile settings you have set and what format you are compiling to: rtf, pdf, docx etc. The more specific you can be the easier this will be to fix. Thanks.