Beta 13: Compiler now behaving oddly with PDF output

I compiled to PDF output, but first of all the save dialog box doesn’t show any existing PDF documents in the current folder and when I do compile it to PDF it creates a file that is not in a format that is readable with acrobat reader. I have to manually tell windows to open the file with acrobat reader every time. Also, the text in the PDF document has 0 inch margins on the right and left. The text is flush against the edges and the text is huge.

  1. Scrivener is not adding the .pdf extension to the file name when you compile like it should. If you remember to add .pdf to the file name, you’ll find it opens with Acrobat fine. Without the .pdf extension, Windows has no idea it is a pdf file.

  2. It does seem to increase the font size. I am using 14 point Georgia and the pdf has 18.6 point Georgia.

  3. You are also correct, even if we create a paper size and margin it is not used.

So, essentially, I get the same problems you have and only one is easily corrected.