Beta 14: Creating or redefining a style doesn't save the paragraph format

I have tried to create a paragraph style but the indent settings aren’t been saved. It keeps going back to default as 1/2’ to the first line and 1/2’ to the tabulation.

It doesn’t matter if I create a new style or I redefine a previous one.

It doesn’t matter if I use the ruler or the menu Format/Paragraph/Indentation. The text is changed but once I save the style, or redefine one, remove the style from the text and try to apply the intended style, the indentation goes to 1/2’

On creating or redefining the style, it doesn’t matter if I choose “Save paragraph style” or “Save all formatting”, neither any of other options on “Redefine Style” or “New Style” dialogue.

Hi euleralves,

I am not able to replicate this problem. Would you be willing to send me a copy of a project where this is happening to you so I can check it out and see if there may be any settings that are causing this problem? just send it to and link to this post.

Thank you for your help with this.

I have a similar problem with font size and line space.
I use two paragraph styles (“1.Absatz” and “Absatz”), the only difference ist the text indent of the first line.
“Absatz” is working fine when applying to a paragraph which is styled different oder not at all.
“1.Absatz” is changing only Font family and text indent, but not font size and line spacing. I have to apply “Absatz” first and “1.Absatz” imediately afterwars, then everything is okay.
I tried to change it in multiple ways (as Euleralves describes), but it doesn’t make any difference.
It would be a nice solution being able to style these settings directly like in an office program.

I couldn’t reproduce it again either. I tried and worked as expected.

Maybe I changed something between the report and now, that fixed it. If it occurs again, I will save a backup of the project.

I avoid this problem altogether, using soft returns before the paragraph, which I want to have without indentation.
A soft return suggest the paragraph before is continuing. Thus - with a soft return - it also works, when you have for some reason an empty line before a paragraph somewhere in a chapter:
German typography requires omitting indentation after an empty line : I found out, soft returns are the only way to get Amazon to honor this rule. With hard returns Amazon always made an indentation before the “1.Abssatz”.

Would you be willing to send me a small demo project with these two styles that shows the issue? I am not able to replicate it in my own testing.

Please send it to with a link to this post. Thanks!

I am having the same issue, with the style altering every time I hit carriage return for a new paragraph. I have created my own style - hard margins and double line space - but I have to reset every paragraph and it’s driving me nuts. I have set the basic format for the document, but it keeps returning to default format.

When you set up your style, did you set a ‘Next Style’ in the dropdown menu? If you want to be able to continue in your chosen style you will need to set it to ‘This Style’. If it is set to none the next paragraph will return to no style, otherwise it will switch to whichever style was picked.

I cannot see a “Next Style” or “New Style” in any of my dropdown menus. Where is it?

It is part of the window for editing styles, either by re-defining an existing style or creating a new one.

I should clarify that this will only work for paragraph styles, not character styles, but since you set up margins etc. I’m assuming the style you created was a paragraph style.

First, select some of your text with the style you created. Then, from the format toolbar, click on the styles dropdown. Scroll to the bottom and select Show Styles Panel. Right-click on your style in the list and choose ‘Redefine Paragraph Style From Selection’ This will open up the window that showed when you first created the style. At the bottom there should be an option that says “Next Style” with a dropdown menu next to it. Select ‘This Style’ and click ‘OK’. Your paragraph style should now persist until you manually select another one in the format bar.

Hope this helps!

It’s part of the style definition for a paragraph style: