Beta 14: Magnified views have very mis-aligned indents and margins

A redo here, as I guess the original report wasn’t sufficiently dramatic, though the problem is.

We had a good conversation where indents got fixed so that rulers and text aligned properly. But if you use magnification, as I do to get the screen display to be the same as will appear on paper printed out, this isn’t so.

Worst first, here’s 150%. Note how far the indent is from the ruler mark. Left margin, the same:

Now, at 125%, near what I use, Not as bad, but far from correct.

Finally, at 100%, for two purposes. Note the indent is exactly correct.

Once you’ve seen these offsets, consider the vertical effect of magnification, which is also out of scale.

You can compare the 100% and 125% views – the vertical space is certainly increased more than 25%. And in the actual screen appearance for 150%, the extra space is far too large. I scrolled that off for the 150% image, to keep it legible.

For my laptop, the screen-paper match occurs at about 132%, so will not be representative until this can get fixed. I’m not sure at what point these problems appeared; possibly when the initial indents were aligned, but maybe this is just showing that work hasn’t completed.

Apologies for bringing up what appears to be a tricky problem, but better to see it now, than have it in what appears to be an approaching release, n’est-ce pas?

I had another look at this in RC15 (for which many thanks), hoping to tie down some useful facts on these problems, but there are too many variations with the various settings.

What I can say, is that if you are not in Page View, and also both unset Fixed Width,and set Left/Right editor margins for the Main Editor to 0…then initial indent and following lines are both working correctly – match the ruler at all magnifications.

If any of these setups are not so, then you have the problems, in very visible degrees:

  • horizontal positionings do not match the ruler at any but 100% magnification
  • vertical positioning goes way off, as soon as you leave 100% magnification
  • right-side text boundary becomes not obeying the ruler settings
  • , also in this case, text not in fit with the colored areas of the ruler
  • there’s possibly more that you’ll discover about those colored margin-indicating areas, not appearing to act as I seem to understand they should, from the minimal material in the Manual.
  • in any case of Page View, vertical margins are very out of scale under magnification - 200% will push text down to where it is off my laptop-editing screen.