Beta 14 PDF issue

Thanks for new beta, :smiley:
Compiling to PDF margin issue is fixed in Beta 14, but the font still seems too big.

I miss the open compiled document option at compile dialog. I hope it’ll be back in next beta, it was very usefull.

Open the compiled document option is moved inside the compile metadata page.

Cool! Thanks :smiley:

I much appreciate this option and have been wanting it and never before found it. However, I can’t believe anyone else would ever find the option for what to do after compile is complete was in the bottom of the metadata compile options, like with author name and keywords, I was looking all over for it, then returned to these forums because I knew someone had said the option existed and found this.

Why not in the compile screen where you enter the name of the file you are creating? That seems like a reasonable place to put what to do after the file is created.

@steveshank: I agree, this is not the best place. Unfortunately technically it was quite difficult to add it quickly inside the native Windows Save As file compile dialog due underlying architecture, Qt and all the different Windows flavors. Using the Qt Save As file dialog looked ugly and the community also noticed it and did not like it. So for now instead of completely dropping the options, we decided to leave it inside the Meta Data tab, which is the most suitable place of all the tabs, without disturbing the GUI too much.