Beta 14: Search Sometimes Returns Folders

Searches return documents meeting the search criteria as expected, but they also sometimes return the folders containing those matching documents even when the folders have no text anywhere (synopsis, metadata, etc.), so the folders do not match the criteria.

Is this the intended behavior, and if so, it isn’t consistent. If the folders themselves do not match the criteria, they really only serve to clutter the result collection.

The search settings are:
Search In = Text
Operator = RegEx
Options = Search Included, Exclude Templates, Exclude Trash Documents, Search Manuscript Only

Whether the folders appear in the results is affected by the criteria. Using the same settings above, criteria #1 below does not return folders, while criteria #2 does.

Criteria #1: Searching for dialog using smart quotes:

Criteria #2: Searching for filter words:
| Abl| Appear| Appreciat| Ascertain| Assum| Attend| Awar| Be equal to| Be subjected to| Be up to| Behold| Beheld| Belief| Believ| Breathe| Breathing| Bring to mind| Can| Could| Should| Would| Catch| Caught| Decid| Deem| Delight in| Descry| Descried| Detect| Diagnos| Discern| Discover| Distinguish| Espy| Espied| Experienc| Feel| Felt| Gape| Gaping| Gather| Gave impression| Gawk| Gaze| Gazing| Get a load| Get an earful| Give the impression| Get| Glar| Glean| Glimps| Go through| Went through| Got a load| Got an earful| Got| Grasp| Grip| Grop| Guess| Had what it takes| Hark| Have what it takes| Hear| Hearken| Heed| Identif| Infer| Inhal| Inspect| Intuit| Knew| Know| Learn| Like| Liking| Listen| Live through| Look| Make out| Maul| Mind| Note| Noting| Notic| Observ| Overhear| Peek| Peep| Peer| Peg| Perceiv| Pleasur| Posit| Realiz| Recogniz| Regard| Relish| Remark| Remember| Reveal| Sample| Savor| Saw| Scan| See| Seem| Sens| Sight| Smell| Sound| Spot| Stare| Staring| Strain| Suffer| Survey| Suspect| Take in| Think| Thought| Touch| Undergo| Understand| Understood| View| Watch| Whiff| Witness| Wonder


Providing a small demo project showing the problem is the best way to reproduce and fix the problem, Miik.

Attached is a demo project with a few documents showing the two searches saved as collections. Remember that not all the options are saved with the collections.

Search Showing (60.8 KB)

It looks like the issue is your first ‘|’. Remove that and you should get the results you are looking for.