Beta 17: Can't run Scrivener, get LoadLibraryFailed with error 87 message.

I’ve installed beta 17 64 bit on two computers. One works, the other computer shows error when starting. I’ve restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled and tried the 32 bit version. Nothing has fixed the problem, still won’t open.

Windows 10 - OS


AMD video card? Have you updated your drivers recently?

Otherwise: It could be a problem with your video card not being fully supported under Windows 10.

FYI, I wouldn’t trust the random zip file in the thread, though. But it does sound like a driver issue.

That was it. Swapped graphics cards and Scrivener loads as expected.

Yeah, integrated and switchable graphics cards in laptops are often the problem in a lot of things. :slight_smile: You wouldn’t think Scrivener needs decent video card support, but it really does.