Beta 17 Colour setting not sticking

Experimenting with the new themes feature… YAY!

Found a bg where changing the editor background for the editor does not change. Using Violet theme and the it’s stuck on the default colour when it should be yellow.

Will we be able to create our own themes in future where we can change toolbar colours please?

Hi Stacey,

Closing and Reopening the Project should set it to your chosen colour. Please let me know if that doesn’t work.

As for your own themes, you can Save and Import themes two ways, the first is through the Window > Themes menu. You should see an ability to “Save Theme to File” there.

The other way is to go to File > Options and select the “Manage” button in the bottom left. From there you should be able to save and load Themes and Options as you’d like

Hope this helps!

Thanks for that tip that worked. As for saving I meant saving themes with changed toolbar colours for example changing violet to a darker purple… Thanks for your help.