Beta 17 - Table and Keyword Bugs

Although I did do a quick check, I couldn’t find if these bugs were already listed.


  1. If you use color fill in an empty cell, new text added to the cell will be highlighted with the color fill color. Doesn’t happen to text that was already existed in the cell when color fill is used.

  2. If multiple cells are highlighted, you cannot access Table in the context menu or the format bar (if present). Going to Main Menu > Format > Table will work though. Makes it more cumbersome when deleting rows or merging cells.

  3. If multiple cells are highlighted vertically, styles cannot be applied without affecting cells to the right.

  4. There are quite a few issues when handling merged cells. Adding a column while highlighting the merged cell causes Scrivener to crash. Adding a row while highlighting the merged cell MAY cause Scrivener to crash, but more than likely it will create a pseudo-merged cell. Highlighting both cells of the merged pseudo-cell causes Scrivener to crash. This pseudo-merged cell is visibly noticeable with Table Border present.


  1. Keywords don’t maintain their color when dragging them from one project to another. Currently, you have to create a document, add the keywords, and then drop that document into the other project to maintain Keyword color.

  2. Keyword won’t show current color settings when changing the Keyword’s color.

  3. Ellipsis (…) button doesn’t work in Project Keywords dialog box.

A quick comment on the Keywords section:

  1. This is by design. Windows is following Mac here.

  2. I could not reproduce this, Please, describe some actions with current and expected results.

  3. The Ellipsis and Search buttons inside the Project Keywords dialog work, although with a slight delay. The dropdown arrow shows that they contain a menu, which will popup when you press and hold your mouse over the button. The buttons will be fixed into instant popup menus, to match the rest of the GUI in the next update.

All the best,

  1. Oh, well that’s a shame. I would like to be able to maintain Keyword colors for all of my projects just by dragging and dropping them. :c

Beta 2019-05-18_02-59-19.gif 2019-05-18_03-04-37.gif
Hopefully this is ok? I’m just clicking on the color to change it but it doesn’t have the correct color info (shows white info instead). I knew that the current retail version did it though.

  1. Had a feeling they were supposed to have a context menu but didn’t realize you had to hold the button for them to appear. Glad it’s going to be fixed in the next update though :smiley:

BETA 19 | Windows 10 Pro 1903

Most of these bugs are still an issue. #1 of KEYWORD BUGS was explained as not being a bug and #3 of the same section was fixed in the June update. The rest of the bugs have not been fixed and some new issues have cropped up, one of them being more than a mere annoyance.

#1: Typing in an empty colored cell will add hightlights of the same color to the text

Makes copying and pasting text from colored cells a pain.

#2: Table from context menu/format bar cannot be accessed when highlighting more than one cell

Can be accessed from the main menu though.

Examples for #2 for KEYWORD BUGS are found above.

New issue with tables will be created in a new post.