Beta 18 - External Folder Empty

This feature used to work fine when I was on the previous beta. After updating, no files appear in my external folder after I sync. I tried a different folder to test if it was where I had placed it and I’m still getting the same results. Scrivener will say it’s synced when there is nothing there.

Has anyone experienced this?

Hi trappedbeat,

Could I get some more information on this? What are your sync settings set to? If possible could you upload a screenshot of them? You can find them at File > Sync > With External Folder…

Maybe something there will help point us in the right direction.


Hi Brian,

I was able to get help from emailing support. Sorry for not responding after some time.

I guess my project got corrupted in some way because the external folder sync worked with a completely new project and my settings also were correct. I had to move it by copying and pasting it into a new project.

Thank you!