BETA 18: Font Bug? Modern font looks broken

I am JUST starting with the beta, and have not used the regular version in over 2 years, so I may be missing something obvious or it could be a stupid-user trick, BUT:

When I highlight a block of text and select a new font of Times New Roman, the text looks fine.
When I select “MODERN,” I get a very pixelated, broken font.
If I select “MODERN No. 20” it works fine.

possibly related note: WORD does not offer me a MODERN, only a MODERN No. 20
so MODERN could be a font I got with other software.

If you wish a screenshot, drop me an email and I will push it to Flickr or IMGUR.

This is a sample of the “Modern” font, at 24 points, in WordPad on my Windows 7 machine. Pixelated and broken it is (though not that much less readable than the font used in this forum, frankly).
Modern font.JPG

I use Stylus (for Firefox and derivatives) to restyle it, and there are a couple of styles written by folks who use this site to make it more readable. A search for “Stylish” in the main forums might turn up more information.

And, yeah, Modern is pretty pixelated.