Beta 18: installs and runs very nicely, just...

…oh, if indented lists were to work…and compile so to Markdown…


Thanks for all the other fish, though, as you know :slight_smile:

It is so difficult to complain and still have it sound polite. And I want to be that. Logically, I know it’s a beta, I know they are working very hard with a tiny team who cares deeply, and I know the end result will be absolutely fantastic. I would never dream of using anything but Scrivener.

But, I am with you on this one (and, FWiW, I’m only here commenting while waiting for Beta 18 to download). It’s a piece of writing software on its 18th beta, but still with non-functional bullets and indents.

So, I will just assume they do prioritize their bugs, and this one is at the top but it’s just a monster, and they are just as frustrated as we are lol.

Srsly, team, if you’re reading this, we really do love you. Even the assholes here. They’re only assholes because they’re assholes, it has nothing to do with your software. Everyone who uses Scrivener knows it is indispensable, and they would not be complaining if it weren’t. :wink:

Thanks to Team Scrivener for the latest Beta and for keeping the faith. Whoever said there wouldn’t be a Scrivener for Windows V2. It’ll be two years in the fall, I enjoy these regular releases and the transparent process of which we are a part. Just feel bad that the WV3 project has been accruing costs and not throwing off revenue for all this time.

Thanks as well to Clive, for a thread in which we may politely convey our beta gripes.

My suggestion is that newly introduced bugs should have a bit more priority for repair. As a quality control matter, if the dev team has recently worked on an algorithm and has left a glaring bug behind, best to fix it while it’s near to mind. To this user, a bug newly introduced and not timely addressed feels like a step backward.

The lingering annoyance for me is LH3556, a bug introduced in Beta 16, whereby our attempts to move or copy bookmarks leave the old bookmarks in place while creating new, null bookmarks with no associated links. Also in this category was the bug, now fixed, where a time of day was flagged as a spelling error.

With appreciation…Jerome