[Beta 18] text reflows for no reason

I have noticed this regularly in various betas, but keep forgetting to report it. It’s a really trivial flaw, but I find it oddly distracting.

When you press [Enter] to create a new paragraph, the text in the previous paragraph (the one before the one you’ve just finished), reflows, which creates a tiny, distracting “wtf?” moment every few minutes as you’re trying to write.

Here’s my text, I have just finished the second paragraph, but not hit [Enter] yet:

So, I hit [Enter] and – as you can see below, the word “literature” in the previous paragraph (i.e. not the one I’m actually editing), has jumped to the next line:

As I said, hardly a big issue, but I do find it weirdly distracting that this happens all the time.