[Beta 19] Bulleted Lists Still Broken

I saw a lot of the “fixed” items were list related, but they are still extremely very broken.

Here’s what I have confirmed:

  1. first-level bulleted items are not indented (bullet hangs out of margin)
    1A. you can correct this with the tab sliders, but there is no way to save that value in a style for all your lists to look the same.
  2. hitting enter at the end of a bulleted line with a style applied does not continue list (text with No Style does continue the list)
  3. applying a style to or removing a style from an existing bulleted list reduces all indents to zero
    3A. a single tab at the beginning of each line will add an indent AND restore the previous indent (one-level deep becomes two, two deep becomes three, etc.)
  4. pasting a bulleted list over selected text then hitting undo will move the bullet to the NEXT paragraph AND remove the style from that paragraph (slightly different behavior than previous bug)

Yes unfortunately that one and none of the other bugs I reported (see https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/question-about-bug-reporting-and-bug-aknowledgment/46365/1) are fixed in beta 19.

The broken bulleted list is the most annoying one, because it means I am not only unable to compile on the PC version (too many issues, compile is clearly not ready for prime time yet) but I also can’t use the PC version to edit my manuscript.

Given the number of outstanding issues in this theoretically last beta, I’m starting to doubt that an end of August release is possible.

We’ll see, I hope I’m wrong!

Yes, same problem. Bullet points do not indent as they should.

After creating a bullet point, you can indent it using the tab key. But this also changes the style of the bullet to a white circle. I can’t find a way of changing the settings so that bullet points always indent by default.

Yes. After indenting, you have to reclick the List Icon in the toolbar and change the style to regular bullet. From then on, it works properly (until the next time of course.)

Actually, it is working right in terms of the tabs. It’s just that the first item on a list should be indented.

I’ve also found inconsistent indenting on tabs. Sometimes hitting tab doesn’t indent the bullet. I’ve had to erase the list and try again two or three times on a couple occasions.

All of those issues are confirmed here.

Even so, the lists work (major improvement).