beta 19 - save project location

Ok, this one is probably me being really daft, but after doing the update on my machines I discovered that some of my projects were not in the Dropbox location I always use. I eventually found them on the local drive of one of the machines, so not lost, but I’m puzzled as to how my default project save location had changed on that machine.

I then tried to change the default save location to be the usual DropBox place, but I can’t see where to do this now. I seem to remember that it was either an option in File > Options > Saving but there seems to be nothing there now other than the number of recent projects and the auto save time period. There aren’t any options in the Project Settings either. Both places offer me an option to choose a new Back Up location, but I’m looking for options to choose the main working project location. Did I imagine this?

I could be wrong here, because I always save projects in the same place, but I think that Scrivener remembers where you save a project and then uses that location as the default until you change it. And then remembers the new location as the default until you change it again.

If you choose “Save As” to move one of your projects back into the Dropbox folder where you want it, and then try to create a new project I think that Scrivener will offer you the last place you saved to as the default option for a new project.

Does that make sense?


Thanks Owen - yes, ‘saving as’ does seem to remember the location, so I’ve now made a point of saving it to where I want it.

Did we not used to have a specific option in the preferences though? I seem to recall that setting the default project location/ scratch pad/ back up location and settings was all part of the process of updating each beta version.

Myself, I would recommend closing the project and moving its folder from wherever it was into Dropbox, rather than using Save As. With the latter, you now have two copies of the project, which in most cases wouldn’t be ideal unless that is really what you want.

There has never been a default location for saving projects. That has always been freeform and up to you, just like there is no default location to save .docx files in Word. It goes wherever you take the file chooser when you save.

Scratch pad and automatic backup folders are another matter. Those do only save to one location. Neither of those are places where your projects should be saved however.

True. There is no real “default” unless you make one, and even then it’s not really a default, but a work habit.

The first time you use Scrivener, it offers to put the project in Documents (which I think is Windows telling it where to try first, but I’m not sure of that). After that, it offers to put the new project in a recent directory (I think the most recent directory, but I haven’t checked that). For example, all my projects I generally put in C:\WRI, and that’s usually the path it offers as a location for a new project. However, if I’ve just opened a project in C:\WRI\Series, then it’ll offer that (most recently opened project, I think), and I have to correct the path.