Beta 19 slow?

I’m finding this beta much slower to respond to changes / menu selections / etc than the same project in beta 18. I’m on a i5 machine with 16Gb RAM, running Windows 10.

It’s also still got the really irritating habit of randomly taking itself off to a point near the bottom of a section whenever I try to move focus to another binder section. Is there a reason for this behaviour that I could alter, and if not is this likely to be fixed before the official release?

Nothing project speed related has been modified in Beta 19. It is most likely something you have added recently to your document/project. Increase the auto-save interval. If this improves the user experience , most likely you have added a big image to your document/project.

I think (I am not sure) that it remembers the last place you were in the document, and assumes you want to start working from there. This has been my experience with that; if I moved the cursor up to the top of the document before I move out of it, that’s where it will take me when I click again on the document. Just confirmed that in 19. Where you last put your cursor when in that document should be the last line of the screen when you click on the document again. No, I don’t know anything that will change it.

Thanks RW, but that isn’t the case for me for some reason. I’m sure that I’m nipping about all over the document when I’m editing it anyway, but I have just deliberately followed your suggestion, but still when I re-open the Chapter again I’m placed at the same specific place that I mentioned earlier, rather than where I was editing. Very peculiar…

Thank you also tiho - but I can confirm that the project hasn’t changed at all though, other than a few words.

I’ve been using the beta versions for ages now, and have never had any visible real problems up to now, but is it possible that along the way one or two small, almost unnoticeable bugs have affected the way Scrivener behaves on this project? If so, are there any ways of stripping out these ‘quirks’ and starting the project again as a clean copy (it is about 75k words now, so I 'm not sure I really want to start typing it up again).

Start a new blank project, opened side by side with your current one, and drag the documents from the binder of the existing project into the binder of the new project. Does that help?



I had a similar speed problem crop up in beta 18, a project that hadn’t changed substantially became much slower. I rebuilt the search indexes (File/Save and Rebuild Search Indexes) and reopened the project and all was well.

Thank you both Tom and Mark. Rebuilding the search indexes had a dramatic effect on the speed , so that is one issue solved. Sadly, it didn’t do anything for the cursor positioning, so I’ll try Mark’s suggestion next to see if that will help with that. Will report back…