Beta 19 - typing/keystroke lag

This was present in beta 18, and it is still there in beta 19.

When typing, there is a tiny lag between the keystroke and the input. It’s not enough to cause an actual lag in typing (ie, my keystrokes do not accelerate away from the text display), but when I type very fast, it’s a very noticeable distraction.

I’ve had to switch back to MS Word, which has no lag whatsoever, until the issue is fixed.

If you need to investigate this, let me know what information you need. This is Scrivener beta 19 running in Windows 10 Home (1903), Intel Core i5-8265U @ 1.6GHz, 16GB RAM.

I’m not experiencing a lag using Beta 19 x64. These are my deets:

Windows 10 Home 10.0.18362
i7-3770K @ 3.5 GHz

Here, also, I notice very little lag (maybe some, on the order of dozens of milliseconds). Are you syncing any of your writing folders? Is your drive becoming full? Both of those can cause lag.

Also, check your autosave increment. The default is very low (something like 2 sec I believe), I changed mine to 10 sec.

I’ve changed the autosave increment, but it has no effect. The lag is definitely in the millisecond range and is probaby not noticable to most people. However, you can probably see if you switch to Word - keystrokes in Word are far more responsive and instantaneous than Scrivener.

Have you tried running it on any other devices to test? I’m running a fancy high end PC with high refresh rate and all that rot. If there is any difference between writing in Scrivener and anything else, I’m not seeing it. Maybe the tiniest little delay, maybe, but I feel like I’m imagining it just because you mentioned it. I’d feel mighty stupid to be all about the high frame rate etc and then turn around and find out I’m not seeing major delays…

Unfortunately I don’t have a high speed camera to test this; does anyone else?

The only time I notice input lag in any application honestly is when I’ve got something like focusfilter kicking in and blocking internet sites in the background, or some other heavy background process.